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Templeton High School
SINCE 1865
Motto: Facta Vivent

Vision: Education through Love, Respect and Discipline.

Short history of Templeton High School:

On 13 December 1865 the Bedford School Board decided to open a first-class non-denominational school for boys in Bedford. The first headmaster was Robert Templeton who taught junior as well as senior classes.  He also provided boarding and learners from as far as Kimberley attended the school.

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Rev. Robert Templeton The Original School Building


In 1873 Rev. Templeton accepted the principalship of Grahamstown Public School (later named Greame College).  He was then succeeded by Mr. Fraser.  Under his guidance the school started to accommodate girls.  In 1883 Mr. McCraig became the headmaster. The school building became too small for the 70 learners and a more adequate building was erected in 1898-99 (today The Manse). In 1906 Mr. Ferguson headed the School.  Between 1913 and 1914 the present school building was completed. The main building was designed by Sir Hebert Baker. The corner stone was laid by W.H. Hockley. ESQ on 25 October 1913. The school was renamed after the first headmaster, Rev Templeton. 

In 1918 a separate primary school, mainly for poor children, had been established.  The headmaster was Mr. Rademeyer.  This school later developed into an Afrikaans medium school known as the Vosloo School.

Mr. Duncan was appointed as headmaster in 1919 and from 1920 the hostel (the “Goeie Hoop losieshuis”) was administered by the church. Mr J Mellor (John Bok) was apointed as headmaster in 1924.

In 1930 Mr. Langford was appointed as headmaster of Templeton. With Mr. Rademeyer taking a leading role, the two schools, Templeton and The Vosloo School algamated in 1935 and Templeton become a dual medium school under Mr. Junor.  Mr Pieter Beukes take the headmastership in 1941. He was followed by Mr. F.H.C van der Vyver in 1953 As an local jung man he was teaching from 1930 at Templeton. Under the leadership of Mr. Van Den Vyver a new hostel was built in 1962 accommodating 36 boys and 36 girls.

Under the leadership of Mr. Nel (1964 to 1968) the school celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1965.  In 1969 Mr. Nel was succeeded by Mr. Van Zyl. During his time the sport field in front of the school was leveled and the primary section of the school was completed in 1971. Mr Van Zyl was sucseeded by H. K. Blackie in 1976. After his departure in June 1978 Mr P.J.P Du Plessis was acting principal. In 1979 Mr N.J. McGill was apointed as headmaster.From 1981 Mr. Du Plessis was appointed permanently at the school.  His health was deteriorating and Mr.Venter acted as headmaster during his sick leave.

The 70’s and 80’s were difficult years for the school.  During this period there was an exodus of mainly whites from the area as well as the preference of parents to send their children to schools in the cities.  The result of this was a decrease in the numbers of the school and the Department wanted to close the High School section of the school 1984. 

Under the principal-ship of Mr. Van Lill in 1985 learners from PE was recruited at Templeton. The learner numbers increased again.  This had the desired effect and the school’s numbers increased steadily again and was saved from closure. Mr. Roelofse was heading the school from 1986 to 1988.  Mr. Van den Berg acted as headmaster in 1989.  Mr Van Deventer was appointed in 1990 until 1992. Templeton became first a model B school in 1991 and a year later a Model C school and opened up for all race groups.  In 1993 Mr. Van den Berg acted again as headmaster. In 1994 Mr. De Waal was headmaster.  Mr B. F. van Den Berg was apointed as headmaster in 1995. He held this position for 20 years until 2015 when he retired. 

Currently Templeton is a Section 21 school. Over the last 15 years the school’s numbers have grown from 390 to over 600 learners.

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In 2007 Templeton established a satellite grade R-class and from 2008 this class has also been accommodated on the school premises.  This makes Templeton unique in the sense that we provide for grade R to grade 12 in one educational institution.

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