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Socio-political & economical background of our learners


Templeton has a heterogeneous learner distribution which had also changed over the years.  From a dual medium school with only Afrikaans and English speaking white children,  it has transformed itself into a multicultural school.  In 1998 the school population was made up of 67% Africans, 22% Coloureds and 11% Whites.  Ten years later the composition has changed to as follows: 74% Africans, 24,5% Coloureds and 1,5% Whites.

demographic-1998       demographic-2008

Most of the learners in the hostel come from King William’s Town and the surrounding areas.  There are however learners from as far as Cape Town.  These are children from mainly middle class parents.  Most of these parents are single mothers and many children are under the parental care of their grandparents.  70% of the local children come from very poor households where families are dependant on state pensions and grants.

This heterogeneous composition is a real challenge and makes it difficult for the school to execute its policies and also to meet its financial obligations.  As a quintile 3 School the Department of Education’s financial support is insufficient because they still regard Templeton as a “rich white” school.  An example of this view from departmental officials was the suspension of the school’s feeding scheme for three years.  It was only reinstituted in 1997.

As a result of the socio-political background most parents are not involved in the school’s activities. There is little academic or disciplinary support from them as they expect teachers to fulfill all pedagogical responsibilities and even going so far as to blame the school for their children’s lack of discipline.

Most parents are not fulfilling their financial obligation towards the school.  In 1997 only 40% of the expected school fees were paid by the parents with the result that many planned projects, the purchasing of necessary teaching aids and sporting equipment had to be postponed.  Unfortunately this tendency is still prevalent today.

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