Templeton High School is currently totally dependent on private donations to provide hungry learners with at least one meal per day at the school.  Out of a total learner number of 600 learners, 160 learners came to school hungry every day. We need to feed them. These learners come from very poor Coloured and Black households who live under the bread line.  Unfortunately a hungry child cannot learn.

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This year with the limited donations that the school received we could only cater for 60 learners daily.  Presently we were only able to use ±R1,30 to feed a child with a basic meal.  We would like to increase it to R2.00 per child per day for a more balanced diet and for more children.  Calculated as follows:.

R2.00 X 160 learners = R320 per day

R320 X 5 school days = R1 600 per week

R1 600 X 40 School weeks = R64 000 per year


Although we need a big donation, any amount will make a big difference to our learners’ scholastic performance.


The staff of Templeton are currently doing miracles with limited recourses.  We pray that the Lord will really soften your heart and open your purse so that the school can at least provide a descent meal for those learners who need it.


For more details about the School also have a look at the website at: www.templetonhigh.co.za as well on Facebook, Templeton High School, Bedford. 


Banking Details


Bank:                           FNB

Branch name:              Bedford EC

Branch code:               210319

Account Name:           Templeton Debutants

Account Number:       62258948549


Thank you for your loyal support. 


Yours faithfully


Gerda Louw                                                                            B F van den Berg

Feeding Scheme Co-ordinator                                                Principle

0844432404                                                                            0836621562

042-2432404                                                                           046-6850056


templeton need to provide a meal for 160 learners every day

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