20th October 2012

(From the learner’s point of view) 

On 3 October, 28 learners in Grade 7 & 8 from Templeton High School departed from Bedford via Port Elizabeth to George. On our way through the scenic Garden Route, we visited the Big Yellowwood Tree and the Storms River Mouth. 

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 Templeton tour group ready to depart from Bedford  Group in front of big Yellow Tree

On Thursday we went to Oudtshoorn and visited the Congo Ostrich farm, where Sinethemba was kissed by Betsy (the ostrich).  After that it was time to get onto the ostriches.  Four of us each sat on the ostrich while four of us rode it. We also visited the Congo Caves and went through the Devil’s Chimney.  It was amazing!  At Wilgerwandel we all rode on camels and had great fun with all the activities on the farm.  

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At Storms River Mouth  Nonde Nelani riding on an ostrich

On Friday we went to the beach at Herolds bay.  There is a tidal pool between the rocks. Some of us swam in the sea and others chose the pool. We also played beach soccer, girls against boys. The boys were a little bit rough. The cruelest of the boys was Alulutho, who committed many fouls and injuries.  After the beach games we went back to the guest farm, bathed, ate lunch and hit the road again. Our next destination was going to a milk farm. It’s a modern commercial milk farm where they milk 1200 cows twice a day. We learned a lot about how they use technology and ecology in the field of farming. Thereafter we went to the movies and watched ‘‘Step up 4’’. It was a great movie!

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Girls having fun on Harols Bay beach   as well as the boys

The Saturday we continued our tour to Mossel Bay by going to the Jukani Wildlife sanctuary. There we learned more about wild cats. We had the opportunity to come in close contact with lions, tigers, cheetahs, hyenas, lynx and even wild dogs and foxes.  After that we headed to the Dias Museum which taught us more about the sailor named Bartlomeu Dias and we found out the museum was named after him. Then we got a chance to go on board of the sailboat which is a replica of the one Dias sailed on from Portugal. We also went go-carting where we all had a chance to race go-carts, which we really enjoyed.   The best part of the day was the warm swimming pool, where the boys and girls showed of their excellent swimming skills.

m_121008_474pers_naw_s_toer.jpg (medium) (240 x 158) (14.55KB) m_121008_514pers_naw_s_toer.jpg (medium) (240 x 158) (17.79KB)
 At Jukani Wildlife sanctuary  Exploring the replica sail boat of Dias

On Sunday we went to Knysna, we got on a boat and went to a place called Featherbed. We learned a lot about the different kinds of species of trees in the forest and we saw some of our national symbols like the Blue crane and Protea. The little blue duikers were adorable.  When we were going back with the boat it rained. After the Featherbed cruise we went to the Knysna Elephant Park where we met 9 elephants and got a chance to feed them. We also took pictures with the elephants and learned more about them, and how dangerous they are if people treat them badly.   

m_121008_591pers_naw_s_toer.jpg (medium) (240 x 158) (14.14KB) m_121008_699pers_naw_s_toer.jpg (medium) (240 x 158) (13.64KB)
 On board of the Rivercat on the Knysna Lagoon  Touching elephants   

Monday the 8th it was time to go home, but we didn’t want to leave George, because we were enjoying ourselves so much. We didn’t head straight home.  We stopped at Monkey Land where we saw different types of monkeys. The highlight was seeing the Vivid monkeys from South Africa.  Our last visit was at the Garden of Eden where we saw different kinds of birds.


It was great experiencing everything we saw, for some it was a 1st and maybe the last. We would like to say Thank You to everyone who was involved in organizing the tour, especially Mr. Bennett even though he wasn’t there. To Ms. De Villiers and Mr. Mellet:  Thank You very much for taking us from place to place. We know driving is tiring, but we appreciate everything. Not to forget Mr. Du Pisani, Owner of Itula Guest Farm, for organizing all the activities and treating us so well. WE THANK YOU ALL!!!


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