19th October 2012

CJ Mentoor a grade 6 learner of Templeton High School at Bedford was the proud recipient of the Prefect Trophy for the third term.


m_121008_030pers_naw_s_toer.jpg (medium) (158 x 240) (12.94KB)

The teachers and prefect body awarded this prestige’s award to him because of the following reasons:     


  • He works very hard in the class
  • His homework and assignments are always completed.
  • He helps learners who need extra assistance.
  • He is polite to all teachers and learners.
  • He is a model learner to his peers.
  • He is a Top Five learner.


  • He plays the following sports: Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Chess

Extra Mural

  • If called upon to represent the school he is a true ambassador of Templeton High School 
  • He is one of the Top Debutantes of 2012.


  • He is always polite
  • He never complains


  • He took it upon himself to raise and lower the National Flag every school day. This he does with a fellow learner so that they can all be taught to respect our national emblems. He studied a booklet to teach himself the correct procedure.

Chriatiaam Mentoor truly deserves to be awarded the Prefects’ Trophy. 


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