18th May 2012


 What an evening! The audience was waiting excitedly for the proceedings to start. Our grateful thanks to our four judges who had the unenviable task of judging sixty beautiful participants from all phases. The judges were Adri van Niekerk, Samantha Bennett (from the Pharmacy), Charles Brett and Mr De Lange who is a member of the newly elected Governing Body. The backdrop was beautiful. The view of New York at twilight helped to set the mood. 

m_tem_mr_and_mis_tem_20120518_805_tem_mr_and_mis_te_.jpg (medium) (240 x 159) (15.37KB) m_tem_mr_and_mis_tem_20120518_546_tem_mr_and_mis_te_.jpg (medium) (240 x 159) (12.74KB)
The judges for the evening from Left to right Charles Brett, Samantha Bennett, Adri van Niekerk and Mr De Lange

The backdrop representing New York at twilight

 The backdrop was beautiful. The view of New York at twilight helped to set the mood. 

 Two dance groups performed during the evening:  the first group brought New York straight to us and the Hip Hop group almost brought the house down.

 The Foundation Phase learners once again stole the show with their cuteness and very adult mannerisms. Well done to them all. Thank you to their parents who went to so much trouble.

 The winners in this category were Caitlin Hendriks (Angel of New York) and Leano Peters (Cherub of New York). 

 The Intermediate Phase also got the opportunity to present themselves to the judges. They carried themselves very well in both the casual and formal wear. It was wonderful to see them showing so much confidence. Well done to all these contestants.

 Christiaan (CJ) Mentoor was crowned as the Prince of New York and Dennezel Ruiters was a true Princess of New York.

m_tem_mr_and_mis_tem_20120518_806_tem_mr_and_mis_te_.jpg (medium) (159 x 240) (14.36KB) m_tem_mr_and_mis_tem_20120518_809_tem_mr_and_mis_te_.jpg (medium) (159 x 240) (14.36KB)

Cherub of New York: Leano Petersand and Angel of New York: Caitlin Hendriks.

Dennezel Ruiters Princess of New York and Christiaan (CJ) Mentoor the Prince of New York.

 The High School brought New York to the party. The audience was amazed by the performance of the participants on the walkway as well as their colourful and stylish clothes.

 The highlight of the evening was when Sibusiso Ndonga was crowned King of New York and Andisiwe Shumami as the Queen.  Congratulations! They will also be known as Mr and Miss Templeton 2012.

m_tem_mr_and_mis_tem_20120518_818_tem_mr_and_mis_te_.jpg (large) (399 x 600) (61.66KB)

Sibusiso Ndonga the King of New York and Andisiwe Shumami the Queen of New York.

 Once again a warm Templeton thank you to all teachers, judges, participants and the community.


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